Association Management

Strategic Planning

Given the regular changes in volunteer directors, strategic planning sessions are important for non-profit associations. Until recently, few organizations have taken the time to conduct these sessions. If you feel your organization has reached a point where it needs to reassess its direction, set new goals, and develop new operating plans, contact us. We have a vast knowledge of facilitating successful planning retreats.

Business Process Outsourcing

Many organizations want to focus on their mission to provide value to theit stakeholders but get tied up in the day-to-day of running the “business” side of the not-for-profit. We can help. Our seasoned team can provide all the necessary business processes to allow your organization to stay focused of your mission. We can assist with:

Interim Management

Meeting Planning

Staff and Overhead Costs

Maintaining a good staff is always the concern of a successful Executive Director; keeping good executive directors is always the concern of the Boards of Directors. Our firm is sometimes asked to conduct an independent review of staff compensation and provide a report of the overall fairness and the competitiveness of the staff’s salaries. We also conduct comparative studies to reassure Boards that their organization’s salary and administration costs fall in to line with comparable groups. If we can assist you and your Board by conducting an un-biased study and analysis report, please contact us.